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What We Do

EV Charging Products

Cuepen Power provides Innovative and Differentiated EV charging products: DC-fast Chargers for e-Bikes, e-Rickshaw and small e-Cars and EVSE (AC-Chargers) for wide range of electric vehicles

EV Charging Solutions

Cuepen Power provides EV charging solutions for fleets, workplaces, retail, education institutions, and other businesses, to establish public EV charging network as well as private charging hubs tailored to your needs

EV Charging Network

Cuepen Power provides cloud based EV charger management and data analytics network platform which simplifies the life of ecosystem partners and Electric vehicle drivers

EV Charging Infrastructure Consulting

CP’s expert team provide consulting services to a wide range of Businesses (Workplaces, Commercial Properties, Multi-Family Properties, Communities, Real-Estate Developers) to assist in planning, development and deployment of EV Charging Stations for their customers, employees and tenants.  Our consultancy spans across

  • Financial and technical feasibility studies for charging station networks

  • Target best-in-class systems that are simple and easy to use, Equipment selection and cost analysis

  • Develop and deploy scalable EV charging systems

  • Integration of clean energy into EV charging – Identify opportunities for installing solar photovoltaic (PV) energy at each locations


We Create Fully Connected Systems to make your life simpler


We are creating a PLATFORM, with smart solutions and services, that powers & interconnects a comprehensive network of charging stations with all stakeholders of the value chain


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